We create motion pictures that highlight products and ideas that are worth sharing.



Woldcam knows filmproduction.
Our experienced and skilled staff convey messages and products through vivid images.


We are excellent at project management and at executing professional audiovisual productions.
We can guide you through the whole process, from idea to finished product.


Filming from a drone provides great possibilities, also in connection with inspection and documentation. Woldcam is licensed by the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority.


Our mobile multi-camera equipment delivers stunning pictures in full HD.


Solid solutions that can send video and audio from practically anywhere.




Since the start in 1995, filmproduction has been our main focus and we have produced countless information films, safety films, documentaries, news stories, commercials, music videos and documentation films. We do assignments at home and abroad, onshore and offshore. Our versatile experience is utilised to give you the best solution of the assignment requirements. We deliver within various genres and industries, with special expertise in the following areas:



For many years we have been producing films related to Health, Safety & Environment, and we have gained a lot of expertise in this area, which makes us well equipped to safeguard the interests of the the client. We adapt films for safety courses and conferences, with high quality and a good dialogue with the client as our main objectives.


We have extensive experience with offshore filmproducing, and many of our employees have valid safety courses. We are well aware of the dos and don´ts on board and always put safety first. In an industry where one rarely can plan far in advance, we place great emphasis on being able to deliver the necessary crew on short notice.


Woldcam has since the start made documentation recordings for various types of businesses. Experience from widely different industries has made us effective and taught us a lot about how assignments can be solved in the best possible way.

We create the right framework for your event by using sound, light and motion pictures. Our services can be scaled according
to need and budget.



Are you giving an important lecture where a perfect execution of film and / or presentation is essential? We ensure the best conditions for the technical implementation, so that you can focus on your message.


With many listeners in a large conference room, it is crucial that everyone sees and hears well. With our expertise and high-quality equipment, we ensure the best possible conditions for all participants.


Many of our assignments are about thinking outside the box. We constantly solve specific needs, often on limited resources and deadlines.


Aerial footage provides great possibilities, also in connection
with inspections and documentations.

Filming from the air gives us creative possibilities and new perspectives. With our drones we film everything from product advertising to documentation of road constructions. Our operators have extensive experience from different types of airborne vessels, and have all the necessary certificates and permits in order.


Conference or concert. Sporting event or music video. A multi-camera production raises the standard
and reinforces the impressions.



Our multi-camera solution is full HD and based on Sony HSC100 cameras with exceptional image quality. The system is suitable for both small and large productions, with direct distribution to the big screen or high quality recordings.


The system consists of compact flight crates that are easy to transport. The cameras connect quickly with one cable to each camera, and the setup and image adjustments are made from the central control unit. The cameras have a tally light, a large monitor (full HD), and an intercom with the possibility to use different headsets.


As standard, the system consists of up to four cameras connected through triax cables, plus one camera over a wireless link. The number of cameras and sources can be increased, and lenses supplied as needed.


Do you have something you want to convey? Let everyone receive it live,
wherever they are.

We do streaming of audio and video how it´s supposed to be done; simply, solidly and affordably! We stream live camera images with accompanying audio, and gladly implement presentations or films. Our solutions are customized for viewing on most screens and devices.

With in-depth knowledge and high-quality equipment, we send video and audio from installations in the North Sea, equally as well as from land. Our servers have a high capacity and can handle a large number of viewers.


We are Woldcam

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janarne@woldcam.no   +47  915 99 917


+47 915 99 917

Jan Arne Wold
General Manager

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+47 911 50 377

Olaf Nagelhus
Graphich Designer

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+47 920 12 923

Audun Skadberg

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+47 994 44 635

Øyvind Gravås
Project Manager

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+47 909 69 422

Roar Lindefjeld
Project Manager

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+47 958 60 404

Espen Rønnevik
System Administrator

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+47 970 93 338

Ørjan Richardsen
Editor and System Engineer


For over 20 years we have been one of the leading providers of corporate filmproduction


Since 1995 Woldcam has provided products and services within filmproduction, AV-engineering and equipment rental. We create motion pictures that highlight companies, products and ideas that are worth sharing.

We are proud of our extensive experience and knowledge, and we set high standards in everything we do. We deliver our best when we get to follow the whole creative process, from concept development to finished product.



We would be pleased to work with you! Here is our contact info.



Lagerveien 19,  4033 Stavanger,  Norway

+47 46866000   post@woldcam.no