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Whether with two or ten cameras, a successful multi-camera production requires skilled personnel and high-quality equipment. We have collaborated with internationally acclaimed directors and are well-versed in the demands for quality and execution.

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We ensure the secure delivery of presentations and films, with full control over screens and displays. Our experienced technicians allow you to focus on the content and delivery. First-class equipment contributes to a stable production from the first slide onwards.

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We have been producing live events since 1999, boasting skilled technicians and superior tools. We offer live streaming to Workplace, Facebook, YouTube, and a variety of other platforms. Our customized equipment is ready at short notice.

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Our 2.6 mm Unilumin LED screen offers outstanding image quality. It can be flexibly mounted from the ceiling or ground stacked. Selected panels can be curved seamlessly up to 40 degrees for creative and sophisticated solutions. It's high resolution is perfect for conferences, concerts, campaigns, or trade shows.

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Do you have a project you're unsure how to tackle? We're here to help! With our extensive network and deep industry knowledge, we frequently create tailored solutions for our clients.


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